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[ Fans ] ☆ Yoona’S FANBOYS & FANGIRLS LIST ☆


— 2AM JoKwon admits that he thinks that Yoona is the prettiest among idol girl groups; wanted Yoona as his wife on WGM. (SangSangPlus; 2009 MNet Super100 Idols; Golden Fishery)
— AK Andy Chen Yi, *Taiwanese actor & idol*, seems to like Yoona as he took a picture of himself and Yoona’s Innisfree Cardboard.
— 2PM Chansung (Idol Army Ep. 08 & 09; SGB: Idol Special; Article)
— 2PM Junho chose Yoona (SBG: Idol Special) & he was the most jealous over Taecyeon-Yoona’s Performance. (Interview)
— 2PM Nichkhun has consistently chosen Yoona in shows or as his Ideal Girl Type & he likes her smile. (Idol Army Ep. 08 & 09; SangSangPlus; Star King; Article; We Got Married; Champagne)
— 2PM Taecyeon thinks she is pretty; bought her a ‘Y’ necklace & perfume; liked her since the beginning; according to Wonder Girls, he couldn’t stop talking about her; admitted that they are close. (SGB: Idol Special; Family Outing Season 2 Ep. 1-15; NAN Ep. w/ 2PM)
— B2ST DongWoon chose Yoona as his favorite SNSD member. (Sukira 10.03.12; PKL Starry Night Radio 10.03.28)
— B2ST HyunSeung chose Yoona as his favorite SNSD member. (Sukira 10.03.12; PKL Starry Night Radio 10.03.28)
— B2ST JunHyung chose Yoona as his favorite SNSD member; thought of Yoona first when asked to name his future child with his surname, saying ‘Yong Yoona’. (Sukira 2010.03.12; PKL Starry Night 2010.03.28; Interview)
— B2ST Lee Ki Kwang shyly confessed to liking Yoona even though he was scared of future articles. (MBC’s Hot Brother 05.12.2010)
— BigBang Daesung acted like he had a crush on her. (Family Outing Ep. 36 & 37)
— BigBang G-Dragon chose Yoona as his ‘Ideal Girl’ between 4 SNSD members; seemed impressed & starstruck when he saw Yoona. (MVAD (2 episodes); Strong Heart Ep. 66)
— Bobby Kim *South Korean singer* (KJE chocolate)
— Brian Joo, *ex-FTTS member*, said Yoona is the closest to his Ideal Type; wants to make her his woman; asked Eunhyuk whom she likes better between him and Lim Changjung. (Strong Heart Ep. 3 & 4)
— Choi Hyunwoo, *National (Korea) Magician*, was flirting through the show with Yoong. (Star King Ep. 191)
— Choi Jae Hwan, *actor*, said that Yoona has a very delicate charm that makes men (including him) want to protect & save her from harm; chose Yoona as his ideal girl. (Need source)
— Chun Jung Myung, *actor (Cinderella’s Sister)*, likes Yoona & Taeyeon. (KBS 2TV ‘Yeoyumanman’)
— C.N.BLUE JungShin said that he likes Yoona and chose her as his Ideal Type. (SBS Power FM; We Got Married)
— Dasoku (蛇足), *Japanese singer on Nico Nico Douga*, tweeted: “Yoona is too cute, what should I do?”. (Dasoku’s Personal Twitter: @dasoku_niconico, 29.06.2011)
— Donghyun *child actor* (SGB)
— Epik High Mithra Jin picked Yoona as his favorite Soshi & as his Ideal Girl; Heechul revealed that Mithra talks about Yoona in the same way he talks about Sohee. (SGB; Heechul’s Young Street Radio 04.28.2010)
— F.Cuz Kan said he wanted to do ‘We Got Married’ with Yoona because she’s his Ideal Type. (Article)
— Fahrenheit Calvin Chen, *Taiwanese idol*, picked Yoona (and TaengSic) as his favorite SNSD members.
— FortLeeMusic (Kevin Hyunjoong Lee), *Korean-American music producer, song writer & singer*, dedicated to Yoona a Cover Remix of GD/TOP’s “Oh Yeah” that he made himself.
— FT Island Minhwan was overcome with joy when Yoona chose him (Mnet Dr Wide News V Day Special); he also said that Yoona supports him by giving him acting tips and that they keep contact through texting. (Article)
— Haha (Ha Dong Hoon), *entertainer*, shouted “Yoona jjang!”; acts mad when she doesn’t choose him, and elated when she does; is her biggest fan; wanted her as a permanent member on RM. (Running Man Ep. 39 &)
— Han Sun-soo, *volleyball bronze medalist*
— Hiroaki Ito, *Music Station & TV Asahi Producer*, often tweets about Yoona & in one of them he said ‘Yoona looked cute.’. (Ito’s Personal Twitter: @inagito, July 2011)
— Hong Jikung, *dentist*, would give Yoona free examinations forever. (1 vs. 100 with Yoona)
— Hwang Jung Min, *actor*, said he wanted to meet SNSD and especially Yoona; he’s willing to exchange Hyoyeon and Sooyoung for her. (Interview (Innolife.net & Digital YTN))
— Jay Park, *ex-2PM member, singer*, chose SNSD as the best idol girl group and chose Yoona in SNSD; when Yoona greeted him very welcomingly at NeYo’s concert, he was happy. (Sukira 2011.05.09)
— Jung Woo Sung *actor* (Interview)
— Kadokura Ken, *pro-baseball player*, wrote that he will cherish Yoona’s signed Japanese ‘GENIE’ CD. (Personal blog)
— Kang JiHwan *actor* (need a source; KBS 2008 Drama Awards)
— Kangta, *ex-H.O.T. leader/member*, thinks Yoona is the prettiest SNSD member. (Golden Fishery (07.07.2010))
— Kim Dong Hyun, *Kim GuRa’s son*, wrote her a letter & admitted to liking her. (Intimate Note; another show)
— Kim Dong Ryul *singer-songwriter* spoke his mind and said that he likes Yoona. (Park Myung-soo’s Radio Show)
— Kim Hwang-Hyun, *baseball star player*, wants to take Yoona to his prom.
— Kim Hyung Bum, *actor*, wants Yoona to be his wife. (SGB: SNSD Special)
— Kim In Kwon, *actor*, said he likes Yoona. *NEED OFFICIAL TRANSLATION* (Section TV 26.06.2011)
— Kim Jong Kook, *ex-Turbo member, singer*, said Yoona is his #1 favorite Soshi & that even from afar, she is shining. (2FM Hong JinKyung’s Open Space Music program (2010); Family Outing Ep. 36; Running Man Ep. 39)
— Kim Sooro *actor* (Family Outing Ep. 36 & 37)
— Kim Yo-Han, *South Korea volleyball player*, said the girl he would like to have a scandal with is Yoona. (2010 Seoul Music Awards)
— Lee Jun Ki, *actor, model, singer*, sent a video message to Yoona from the Army. (02.02.2011)
— Lee Se Chang, *actor*, is a Yoona fanboy & he even thought of her while he was beside his wife. (Manwon Happiness a.k.a. Happy Shares Company)
— Lee Seunggi *actor, singer* chose Yoona as his ‘Ideal Girl’ multiple times; thinks that she’s pretty & has shown interest. (Champagne; Strong Heart Ep. 1-5, 18-19; Come To Play (02.05.2011))
— Lee Seung Hoon *Vancouver Winter Olympics Gold medalist (speed skating)* (on 2 Variety Shows)
— Lee Yong Dae, *Beijin Olympic Gold medalist (badminton)*, chose her as his Ideal Woman multiple times; he also said: “I actually like Yoona. I fell in love with her feminine and innocent looks, as well as her aegyo-filled yet tomboyish personality – all of which are qualities that I look for in the woman of my dreams.” (Article; TV Report)
— Lim Changjung, *actor & singer*, said Yoona is his Ideal Type; when he made eye contact with her, “it freshened my mood & it was so nice”; he thought she was interested in him. (Taxi (03.10.11); Strong Heart Ep. 3)
— MC Mong (his favorite member is Yoona) (Hello Baby; Strong Heart; Champagne)
— Mister Kim, *in charge of purchasing livestock products*, revealed that for Yoona he is willing to provide her a lifetime supply of meat. (1 vs. 100 with Yoona)
— Naoki Ogi “Mama”, *Education critic/professor*, said that his favorite SNSD member is Yoona (Japanese show, May 2011)
— Oh Jae Moo, *child actor*, confessed to liking Yoona. (Taxi; Night Star; Conference Press for drama Baker King)
— One Way’s Chance said Yoona is his celebrity crush (or something to that effect). (MYX Interview in the Philippines)
— Park Hae Il, *actor*, chose Yoona as his ‘Ideal Type’ saying that she has a melting smile. (UnionPress article)
— Park Hyun Bin, *trot singer*, dotes on Yoong; raised his hand when asked who has interest in Yoona. (MVAD; Hello Baby Ep. 17; 1 vs. 100 with Yoona; Strong Heart Ep. 3)
— Park Ji Sung, *captain of the South Korea national football team, most decorated footballer in Asian history*, people speculated that he likes Yoona because he only smiled when Yoona performed her part in Oh. (TV News)
— Roller Coaster Lee SangSoon *k-pop band singer* likes Yoona & Sooyoung. (Park Myung-soo’s Radio Show)
— Romeo Tan, *Philippines actor*, is a well-known fanboy of Yoona to his fans from The Juliet Club. (Twitter: @_hwangmiyoung, August 2011)
— Rongdao *National (China) football player* (Rongdao’s personal blog)
— Seo Junyoung, *actor*, said that he would like to act with Yoona; likes her the most in SNSD; admires her abilities in singing and acting and is attracted to her flawless appearance. (bnt News Interview March 2011)
— SG Wannabe Kim Young Jun (We Got Married: Hwang Jung Eum, his wife, more or less said it.)
— SHINee JongHyun stated that Yoona’s and his personality fit well; said that he likes her. (Flower Boys Generation; SGB: Idol Special)
— SHINee Minho thinks Yoona is the prettiest. (SangSangPlus)
— SHINee Onew fell for Yoona’s wink in the Innisfree CF. (SangSangPlus)
— Shinhwa Andy chose Yoona as his ‘Ideal Girl’ multiple times. (Radio Star, 2008; Champagne, 2009)
— Shinhwa Junjin said Yoona is his favorite SNSD member. (Infinite Challenge Ep. w/ SNSD)
— Shinhwa Minwoo/M likes Yoona (Star Junior Show (revealed by his mom); you can see it also in Hello Baby.
— Shizuru Murakami, *Japanese comedian*, finds Yoona to be the cutest in Shoujo Jidai (SNSD); Yoona is the most important to him & if she joined KARA, he might be on KARA’s side too. (personal Twitter)
— SlayerS_BoxeR (Lim Yo-Hwan), *pro-gamer a.k.a. The Emperor*, said that Yoona was his favorite SNSD member after signing a Yoona card presented by one of his fans. (fanaccount by Sky2934, 2011)
— Song Chang Ui, *musical actor, actor*, wrote “If it’s Yoona, then I’m Cinderella Man.” (Star Self-Cam)
— Song Seung Hun *actor*. Yoona made it to his final ‘Ideal Girl World Cup’ twice: the 1st time, she lost to Han Ga-In and the 2nd time, he couldn’t chose between her & Kim Tae Hee. (Shin Dong Yup’s Sweet Night; Show)
— SS501 Kim Hyung Joon (SGB; Star King)
— Stéphane Ruffier, *goalkeeper of AS Monaco*, is a fan of SNSD and his favorite members are Yoona and Yuri.
— Super Junior Heechul thinks Yoona is the prettiest female celebrity he has ever seen. (Heechul’s Official Twitter; Family Outing Season 2)
— Super Junior Kangin chose Yoona through 3 rounds of the ‘Ideal Girl World Cup’. (Champagne, 2009; I have an Uncle (2 episodes))
— Super Junior Leeteuk keeps/kept asking Yoona to marry him in the future; she is his ‘Ideal Type’; his ideal girl is a combination of Taeyeon, Yoona & Seohyun. (Strong Heart Ep. 4; other show)
— Tokuyi Yoshimi, *actor, comedian*, talked about how he liked Yoona on a radio program. (Kyoto Real, July 2011)
— U-Kiss Eli had a pained expression (in a good way) upon seeing Yoona’s Innisfree Ad in a magazine.
— V6 Miyake Ken chose out of SNSD, “like everybody else”, Yoona as the member he liked the most because of her “cuteness” and “beautiful legs”. (Ken’s radio show (06.08.2011))
— V.O.S Kim Kyung Rok likes Yoona & obviously favors her. (need to find other source; Hello Baby Ep. 6)
— Wang Seokhyun, *child actor*, chose Yoona as his favorite, etc. (Invincible Saturday: I have an Uncle (4 episodes))
— Yoo Jae-Seok (MC Yoo), *show host & comedian*, secretly wanted to be chosen by Yoona; treats her favorably whenever she appears on his shows. (Running Man Ep. 39; Family Outing Ep. 36 & 37; MVAD)
— Yoon Sang Hyun *actor* (Interview)
— Yu Shirota, *Popular Japanese actor, singer & model*, tweeted: “SNSD’s Yoona is cute!!!” (Shirota’s Personal Twitter: @U_and_YOU, June 2011)
— Zakiyama, *Japanese comedian*, revealed that Yoona is 2nd as his Ideal Girl Type & favorite Soshi; shouted “It’s her! It’s her!” when she appeared in Gee PV. (TV Asahi London Hearts, 02.01.11; other show)
— ZE:A Hyungshik (need source)
— ZE:A Junyoung wanted to choose Yoona but fellow member Kwanghee had already chosen her. (ZE:A’s Press Conference in Singapore)
— ZE:A Kwanghee chose Yoona as the SNSD member he would like to be, because he feels they both have the prettiest smiles in the band. (ZE:A’s Press Conference in Singapore)


— AKB48 Miho Miyazaki said “I like SNSD’s Yoona. I think she is really cute and I like her very much.”; she feels like crying because she can’t understand Korean, but now she is learning the language. (Radio Show, 2011)
— AKB48 ‘Team K’ Yonezawa Rumi said her favorite Soshi members are Yoona and Yuri.
— After School Uee was clearly fangirling on Yoona upon meeting her. (We Got Married)
— Asakura Yuki, *gravure idol*, ABSOLUTELY LOVES Yoona, she fell in love with her at first sight, and if she were a boy she would fall in love with her; she’s also a fan of Cinderella Man. (Yuki’s personal blog)
— Brown Eyed Girls Ga-In admires Yoona’s cuteness & her acting skills since Yoona several acting awards won as a newcomer actress. (Golden Fishery)
— Choi Hwa Jung, *actress, radio DJ*, said that she became best friends w/ Yoona after Intimate Note; keeps contact w/ Yoona more than she does others. (Intimate Note, 2009; Champagne, 2009)
— Goo Hye Sun, *actress, movie producer*, was shy, loves Yoong’s aegyo & praised Yoona’s beauty. (Win Win Ep. 18)
— Jung Ryeo-won, *ex-member of Chakra, actress, model*, wrote that her favorite SNSD members were Yoona & Tiffany. (Blog, 2009)
— KARA Kang Jiyoung thinks that among girl groups members, Yoona is the prettiest girl without makeup. (Taxi with KARA)
— KARA Nicole Jung thinks that among girl groups members, Yoona is the prettiest girl without makeup. She also wanted to become friends with Yoona. (Taxi with KARA; SGB)
— Kim Gayoung, *will debut in May 2011 in a girl group*, stated in an interview that “Yoona is my role model.” (Interview)
— Kim Leena, *lyricist*, praised her beauty: “All my personal preference vanished because of Yoona’s beautiful face. I wanted to avoid the mirror after seeing Yoona in real life.” (2010 Melon Music Award)
— Lyn (Lee Se-jin), *South Korean singer*, likes Yoong so much that she named one of her nieces ‘Yoona’. (2009 MNet Super100 Idols)
— Maruyama Yumi, *fashionista*, thinks Yoona is super cute. (Yumi’s personal blog)
— Miyama Karen, *actress*, mentions she’s a fan of Yoona and thinks she’s cute; she’s also a fan of You Are My Destiny. (Karen’s personal blog)
— Murata Mari, *fashion model*, mentions that she’s a huge fan of Yoona. (Mari’s personal blog)
— Nanako, *model*, loves Yoona’s bangs; her mother and her are in love with her. (Nanako’s personal blog)
— Oguchi Momoko, *fashion model*, says she’s a fan of Yoona. (Momoko’s personal blog)
— Oku Yuri, *fashion model*, mentions that Yoona is her favorite SNSD member. (Yuri’s personal blog)
— Palette Asa, *singer*, loves Yoona’s drama You Are My Destiny. (Asa’s personal blog)
— Park Kyung-lim, *entertainer, comedian, MC, show host*, described Yoona as unsurpassed beauty. (Interview)
— PASSPO Fujimoto Yukimi, *idol singer*, thinks Yoona is so cute, she’s a fan of her drama and she wants a small face and style like Yoona. (Yukimi’s personal blog)
— Sasaki Moyoko, *model*, thinks Yoona is adorable. (Moyoko’s personal blog)
— Satou Aoi, *fashion model*, mentions her favourite members are Yoona & Sooyoung. (Aoi’s personal blog)
— Seki Ayano, *fashion model*, stated that her favourite SNSD member is Yoona and she bought Yoona’s Innisfree products. (Ayano’s personal blog)
— Shibata Shoko, *gravure idol*, says she loves Yoona and thinks Yoona’s Innisfree song is ‘super super cute’. (Shoko’s personal blog)
— Sung Yuri, *member of Fin.K.L (inactive girl group)*, thinks that Yoona is really pretty. (Interview)
— Yonemura Misaki, *actress*, mentionned that her favorite SNSD member is Yoona. (Misaki’s personal blog)

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